Friday, 28 December 2012

Introduction about myselff ! :D

Hello All the reader from everywhere ! :) Im a singaporean , typical singaporeans ! hahas. Currently 13 , its young. yeah.If you know me personally , you should be able to know that im actually an easy going person, but if you did offend me, i suppose, i may look like a bitch to you. I personally donest like people bootlicking teachers. Apparently, School means nothing, hahas, i mean like who likes school, teacher or homework? I believe everyone went to school for the sake of friends. To some teachers maybe im a goodgirl. but to some will think that im a super rude students , teachers uh, also must reflect on themselves actually, if students dislike them , means that the teacher aint doing a good job enough, being Bias .. Etc. Alright, i should end here ! Follow me on my twitter @Imperfectl0v3_ or my instagram @_imperfectionxx_ !
-No offend to any teachers- 

Thursday, 27 December 2012


hello, i've reopen my Blog again. Do support me :) 
Since my blog name is Laugh.Love.Live, well, i shall talk about it. 
To me, Laughing is the best way to forget everything. I'm not saying that Laughing can solve everything, its just temporary cure to your problems. its the same as Smoking & Drinking, all of this are just temporary, after all you still have to face your problems. 
Well, now  adays Love is common in this society no matter if you're 10 or what. But whats the point of getting into relationship so Young? People crying after breaking up. Before you gone through in relationship, you should know that young age doesnt last long. No point crying over everything, HeartBreakers is everywhere. Its so common in this Generation.
For my thinking, well i think everyone should live to the fullest everyday. Its not like for example the Mayans said that 21th December 2012 , the world will end and before the date arrive, everyone was like cherishing everyday. I mean like, You wouldnt know when you will be dying. You should be cherishing every moment with your family, your love. No one would know what will happen next seconds nor minute. 

hehe :3 i hope my thinking doesnt offend anyone in anyway. im just speaking out from the bottom of my heart.